Eating and Drinking

Eating and Drinking

The main food of the majority of the Zimbabwean population is "Sadza", a solid porridge of corn flour and water, which is eaten with the fingers and - if available - dipped into the respective other foods. Zimbabweans like to eat chicken or other meat in a sauce with vegetables cooked with sadza. We will eat in restaurants twice on our tour, there you will have the opportunity to taste Zimbabwean cuisine.  On these two evenings, everyone is also responsible for the billing of their food and drinks.

The breakfast will be rather English, with muesli or cornflakes, fruit, yogurt, bread, jam and sometimes scrambled eggs or fried eggs. There will also be milk, coffee and tea.

Lunch will basically be a light one, sandwiches that each person can make for themselves and every now and then a salad, depending on the circumstances.

Dinners will usually consist of salads, vegetables and grilled meat/fish plus side dishes. If you eat vegetarian, you can always replace the meat with vegetables. However, African cuisine is not yet set up for vegans, the necessary components are not available in the supermarkets of Zimbabwe. That's why we can't provide a vegan diet.
For the drinks during the day and also for your beer or wine in the evening you have to take care of yourself. We will regularly visit supermarkets where you can stock up on everything you need.

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