What you can expect

What you can exspect

In our tour we have integrated minimum one highlight for each day. Many of these highlights are already included in the tour price, such as evening excursions in the Matobo and Gonarenzhou National Parks. Other activities we offer optionally like the suspension bridges at Mtarazi Falls, early morning excursions to the national parks, golfing or a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls. These offers can be pre-booked with us shortly before reaching the respective destinations and paid for on site.

We offer our tour with full board and will usually have breakfast at the respective accommodations. Sometimes this is provided by the accommodations, in other houses we prepare the breakfast ourselves. We will usually have the light lunch during a break during the trips or in the accommodations. Dinner will again be provided in or by the accommodations. Exceptions are the two visits to restaurants in Harare and Bulawayo, where you can order your meal á la carte and then pay yourself.

For your drinks during the trip you are responsible - except at breakfast there is a good coffee or tea. We will regularly stop at supermarkets where you can buy your drinks. We also recommend to buy enough water, although the tap water in Zimbabwe is drinkable in most cases, you should still prefer water from closed bottles. In some accommodations there is a bar available in the evening where you can end the exciting days.

The accommodations are selected so that you are not exposed to the hustle and bustle and noise of the cities and can enjoy their surroundings everywhere. With a few exceptions, the accommodations are permanent houses (called lodges), the rooms are clean and attractively furnished and equipped with everything necessary. In the national parks we also stay in large tents or tree houses set up in exclusive locations and equipped with beds, commodes and wet rooms. All rooms are double and that is how the prices are calculated. If a room is occupied by only one person, we have to charge an extra fee, which you please ask us for. Family rooms are also available in most lodges same to twin rooms which can be shared.

If you have any special requests, you can always contact us. What is possible, we will make possible.

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